March 21, 2011

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IMG_9679 copy
vitamin D milk fo life.
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Screen shot 2001-01-07 at 8.35.04 PM

IMG_9761 copy

IMG_9654 copy

IMG_9603 copy
the lodge
IMG_9592 copy
head to head
IMG_9569 copy
Brighton night riding is fun.


IMG_8120 copy

IMG_8118 copy
the window made for great roof access
IMG_9560 copy
i said wll give me a god damn orange
IMG_8102 copy

IMG_8100 copy
yake sesh
IMG_8010 copy
fridge stocked
IMG_7998 copy
jam packed on the way out
GOPR8578 copy

Screen shot 2001-01-07 at 8.32.58 PM

Screen shot 2001-01-07 at 8.29.30 PM
Screen shot 2001-01-07 at 8.13.14 PM
the house had pillows lines
IMG_9787 copy
Jimmys car broke down at sucked
IMG_9795 copy
Got pretty much stranded in Salt Lake after we got a ride back in the tow truck
luckily found a place to stay last minute
all in all phenomenal trip

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